3D-Fahrschule 2

3D-Fahrschule 2

3D-Fahrschule is a virtual reality simulation program of a 3D Driving School
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3D-Fahrschule 2 5.0 is a virtual reality simulation software program of a 3D Driving School for users of Windows’ operating systems that enables users to take a virtual driving course and test in simulated European country’s cities, motorways, and country sides

With this extensive simulation program, users can virtually experience the skills of driving vehicles by being instructed by a virtual driving instructor. The program features a choice of six driving instructors for users to choose from who instruct in the languages of English, French, German and Dutch. Choices of vehicles are offered too. Users can choose from five car cockpits; BMW, Smart, Toyota, RAV4 jeep, or an off road driving vehicle. The program also features four motorbike cockpits and two quads.

The 3D-Fahrschule 2 5.0 simulation includes twenty three exercises and driving experiences in Berlin, London, Madrid at night, and a European simulation of a motorway that links France, Germany, the Netherlands, and Spain. Weather conditions are also simulated allowing users to learn about all weather driving skills. After each exercise is complete, users are given a report about their driving skills detailing any mistakes. Users who feel they do not need an instructor can drive freely through simulated Europe. Those users who take the instruction, can try to pass a driving test after 14 exercises.

The program features real road and traffic rules and conditions for each of the countries. The program also features a virtual police game that is set in a simulation of Ghent, Belgium, where users ma drive patrol cars. Three police vehicles are driven with siren and navigation for fifteen car chases. Once the user has gained a certain amount of points for good driving, they can then establish contact with a virtual police helicopter who gives orders to enable capture of escaping vehicles. Driving instructions, user manuals, and further information are available in the English, French German and Dutch languages making the 3D-Fahrschule 2 5.0 simulation program available to many more people. The program supports the Windows 2000/2003 98, x64, WinME and Windows Vista operating systems.

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